Geographic Information Systems Toolbox

The Geographic Information Systems Toolbox

Ideally suited to both GIS/spatial data professionals and to casual map and navigation users, the GIST is the GIS that is always available in your pocket where ever you go.

The GIST runs on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

  • Online maps (WMTS, TMS, OSM, XYZ, WMS)
  • Offline map layers (GeoPackage, Shapefile, fGDB, SQLite)
  • View/edit non-spatial attribute values
  • Add/delete arbitrary non-spatial attributes (string, integer, real)
  • Track current location to standards-compliant GIS file formats and display tracking live on map
  • Beautiful maps with versatile symbology
    • bundled symbology library covers most simple mapping needs
    • edit and add custom symbology
  • Easily share your data with other users (email, SMS, facebook, etc)
    • Online map definitions
    • Offline map layers
    • Symbology definitions